The internet has made the world a large village. It is now possible to communicate with people all over the world, across continents from your computer or mobile device. It has been years of fun and discovery with the internet. People are shopping, learning and making new friends globally without spending time and money to travel.

Social media is among the greatest and most active platforms on the internet. I can bet that everyone reading this article is on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even if you are not on all social media platforms, you are in one of them. This is amazing, and it comes with numerous benefits. However, everything with a good side has a bad one.

You might find yourself in trouble if you are too social online. Online harassment has to be a major concern across all social media platforms. Online harassment can happen in many forms. This article will discuss some forms on online harassments and how you can protect yourself from the risks. Read on.

Identity Theft

be safe onlineLet us be real here. If you are on social media, you have some of your details floating around. Your official names, photographs, educational background, relationship details and etc. are just some of the things we can’t deny having posted online. Did you know that such details can be used by fraudsters to commit a crime? Yes, it is possible. If your details, like the email address, are used to carry out illegal activities, you will be in trouble. Scary! Right?


Have you ever received a message request on Facebook, asking you to get in your “other folder”? If yes, and especially if you are a lady, you might have received disturbing messages after that? This is among the basic forms of cyberstalking online. And did you know it is not only strangers who stalk but family and friends? Cyberstalking cannot only be annoying and frustrating but terrifying too.

Media Liability

Many people take social media as a place to express their opinions. But what happens when people misinterpret your context? It might sound harmless but it will land you in serious legal trouble. At times, your blog or account might be hacked, and someone starts posting abusive messages. Such incidences might land you in serious trouble.

How to Protect Yourself

  • hackersSet strong passwords and never share them with anyone
  • Check your privacy settings on all social media platforms and make sure that they are enabled.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive details like phone numbers, email address on your social platforms. And if you must, hide them from the public.
  • Never engage with strangers no matter how familiar they seem.